On Hitler

A fellow blogger (Eric Dubay) wrote a piece with the title "The Truth About Hitler"..
And while I'm certain that the whole World War Two history was hugely manipulated by the winners, I couldn't accept all the results of Eric's analysis. So I commented on the post, trying to introduce my views on the subject. Here you will find those comments, for archiving purposes.

I have to disagree with the analysis. Where is the staged (Reich-stag Fire) that was the context for electing the Nazi party?!!..
Hitler was the manufactured Antithesis to the manufactured Thesis. Yes, the plan was to force Germany to a second war, but the executor of the plan was Adolf !!

Even his brief prison time was the usual "Hero making" technique. We had the same here in Egypt with (Saad Zaghloul Pasha) and the British Occupation in 1919.

And in addition to that, I consider Hitler the real builder of modern Israel!
The average Jewish European citizen had no interest in leaving his whole life and venturing into unknown & hostile territory that already had a population.. But Mr. Hitler came and provided a reason for leaving!.. Created a repellent environment (is that the right term?) that worked exactly in favor of the Zionist leaders who benefited from the sufferings of the ordinary Jew!
It was a clear example of "the ends justify the means". The new "state" NEEDED a population, and Hitler DELIVERED the motive.

Regarding the camps, it really is a huge hoax that got out of hand!.. "Burning people or gassing them" isn't cost-efficient to a country using fuel during a massive war!
Bullets were much cheaper and cleaner, then the Nazis buried the bodies.
the champers - which were very few BTW - were for burning corpses so the decaying won't cause diseases, and were for ALL the races not just the Jews! (I think mostly the Gypsies)

The so-called "Final Solution" that Hitler had for the Jews was the Mass Migration into a new land out of Europe, and I hate to say that even Hitler's enemies saw it as fair and "good for both Europe & the Jews"
(Some Europeans were trying to rid their nations from the Usury system that the Jews seemed to control, manipulate and dominate!)

The "final solution" phrase is suspiciously vague in the published Nazi documents.. Someone needs to research this topic for us in more detail, with fresh mind.
I think Roger Garaudy made something similar for the 6 millions number

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