Thoth as a Double Agent !!

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Thoth is the "god" that keeps the BALANCE between good & evil.
He represents Wisdom.. magic.. measurements.. writing (and inventor of the Hieroglyphs). He was associated with scribes, the moon, the baboon, and the Ibis.
His major roles can be found in the myth of Isis & Osiris, and adding the additional five days to the 360-day year.

He was the one who helped Isis resurrect her dead husband Osiris after his (and her!) brother killed him. The legend is too famous to put here, and you can easily find multiple accounts of it online.

What I'm proposing here is a new theory that sheds new light on the real role of Thoth, as a mediator between the gods. When he helped Horus take his throne back from the evil uncle Seth, he was restoring the balance. Seth took what wasn't his in the first place by tricking Osiris into a "gift" coffin that fits only Osiris' body, then closed and sealed it, and threw it away.

But don't you find it suspicious that Seth could find out the "exact" body measures of Osiris, while the "good" Thoth - the "god of measures & architecture" - had nothing to do with it?!

My theory (i.e. Thoth as a double agent that works for BOTH good and evil) may be new to students of Egyptian Mythology, but I found another point that might strengthen it.
You see, Seth wasn't alone in arranging the trick of the coffin.. He had 72 conspirators with him, as the legend says.
Now what is the significance of that number?.. It may become more clear when you read the myth of the origin of the additional 5 days of the year according to Ancient Egyptians.
The Earth & the Sky were forbidden by a curse from having children "on any day of the year", so Thoth arranged a bet with the moon and "won" 1 part of every 72 parts of the year. 360\72= 5 , hence the additional short month (the 13th) which was only five days long in the ancient calendar!
The Male Earth and Female Sky could have intercourse, and they begot 5 other "gods".

I really think that Thoth was behind the 72 conspirators AND the measuring of Osiris' body. After all, his task was to "keep the balance", and that goes both ways, not just by helping the GOOD to win!.. Apparently, too much goodness isn't good for the world!

A panel from the comic book Angel & Faith , issue #13
[because I'm fascinated by the origin of names and their hidden connections, I couldn't help but notice while writing this blog that Thoth invented "spelling" AND was famous for magic "spells"!.. Another thing that might need further research is the influence of Egyptian mythology on the saga that is Star Wars, since two of the names that George Lucas invented might be references to Thoth and Seth, and I mean of course Hoth and the Sith!]

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