Alternative Media Podcasts

Alternative Media Podcasts are a massive source for REAL information on the web.
For "Truth Seekers", and the intelligent individuals in general, listening regularly to one or two is a must.. if you want to stay "in the know" about the hidden global agendas and the real meaning of world events.

Usually I recommend (Cutting Through the Matrix) by Alan Watt, but his programme mayn't suit your taste.. so the next big thing is the (Corbett Report) by James Corbett.
He is an American living in Japan, teaching English, with a Literature degree.. and the "hardest working man in alt media", as was correctly described by TheAgeOfTransitions website.

Here you can listen to his interview, done by Aaron Franz:

I stopped following Corbett's podcast a while ago because his negative view of the Syrian revolution, and his too close relationship to the Russian media (i.e. Russia Today).. but I came to realize that it's not necessary to be 100% in tune with somebody to listen to him.. no body is perfect.

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