The problem of EVIL and Islam

Some Atheists from Christian background ask: Why would a "good god" create evil & suffering in the world?!
The answer is very clear in Islam.

Life is a short TEST for Man, will he obey or disobey. That is the whole point of Free Choice
(free will)
And as a consequence humankind is allowed to do evil in this life, but will be punished justly in the afterlife.
That is fair. Hence there are Heaven & Hell.

The test isn't supposed to be easy. Some of the questions of the EXAM are difficult.
Those who are patient will be rewarded. Those who are asking "why, Allah?!" (and not accepting his authority over his human servants) will suffer both here and in the afterlife!

The king of kings isn't to be questioned about the wisdom of his actions. You should accept it and have {SABR} (Patience and Submission)

Here I found an excellent PDF lecture about the subject:

أرشيف المدونة الإلكترونية

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