Jesus son of Mary - Number of the Beast

I found a strange thing while studying The Book of Revelation regarding the infamous 666 number and its "other" interpretation (i.e. the manuscripts that say it's 616 not 666)
The Greek original text was written sometimes as: Chi-XI-Stigma
and sometimes Chi-Iota-Stigma
A huge debate surrounds the subject, even in the 2nd century!

Chi = 600 in Gematria
Xi = 60
Stigma = 6
Iota = 10
That much is already known.
Some say it's Nero, others have different theories..
I'll introduce a new - to my knowledge - theory.

המשיח 'הושע בן מרים
This Hebrew name is famous and obviously well-known..
from right to left it reads:
HaMasheeh Yehushua ben Miriam
The Messiah Joshua son of Mary

And its numeral equivalent is 616.
It's 16 letters.
Use simple Hebrew Gematria to see for yourself!
Aleph is 1 , Bet is 2 , etc.

But that isn't all!

We have two numbers: 666 & 616
Both of them were used to identify Nero

I found that the Mean of these two numbers is 641
666+616 = 1282
1282\2 = 641

Why is this significant?
641 is the Gematria of the same phrase.. but in Arabic!

المسيح عيسى بن مريم

Also 16 letters.
It is found in the Qur'an many times in this form.
I will do more research, but what I can tell you now is that this 641 number has another meaning concerning Islam.
There are 641 Hijri years (Moon years of the Islamic calender) between the beginning of the A.D calendar & the year Prophet Muhammad left Mecca to Madina (i.e. The Hijra itself), which was 622 A.D

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