Classic DOS Games

Old doesn't mean bad.. The old games we played on the DOS system will always have a special place in our hearts. Here you will find a short list of the best classic dos games and the places to download them from!

Most of these are "abandoned" by their creators.. You'll need the DOSBox program to get them work (by "emulating" the dos environment)

Start at these sites:

Commander Keen 4
Battle Chess
Cool Spot
Jill of the Jungle (series)
Lotus 3 : The Ultimate challenge
Prince of Persia (1&2)
The Incredible Machine (TIM series)
Jazz Jackrabbit

 AstroFire is a clone of the old Asteroids game, with better graphics and fantastic addictive gameplay!

 Battle Chess is a game where the pieces actually fight & kill each other!

Keen 4 is the best of the Commander Keen series

Cool Spot is the red dot on the 7UP logo!.. A game I played a lot in my childhood

Jill of the Jungle is 3-games series that follows the journey of a warrior Amazon girl

Lotus 3 is a racing game with very cool soundtrack!

Prince of Persia 2

 Prince of Persia 1.. Watch your steps!

TIM is a smart series of games for the smart players.. The Incredible Machine

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